The Relationship Between Market Mechanisms And Enviromental

The Relationship Between Market Mechanisms And Enviromental Degradation

Q.Examine the relationship between market mechanisms and environmental degradation.
One of the themes of this essay will of course be to define what a market is. It is different things to different people but it is the meaning of the word as it applies on a global scale that we are interested in.
How do ?markets? effect the environment Is it for the good or bad Surely if the latter is true, then governments should be held more accountable But does the Government control all markets
And finally the last point that will be addressed is the fact that the damage to the environment may be already beyond redemption. Are the changes in the weather and the increasing threat of Global Warming a warning of worst things to come Or are they more of an irreversible trend caused by the pollution that industrialised nations have been pouring into the atmosphere for years. If that is so is there indeed anything that can be done to repair the damage that has been caused.
The first points to be addressed are the definition of a market and exactly how those markets work in relation to to-day, also what effect these markets

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