Playing God Why We Do It And How It Corresponds With Our De

Playing God: Why We Do It And How It Corresponds With Our Developing Technology

Long has man dreamed of the existence or creation of a perfect state or society, a Utopia out of legend brought to life in which he could prosper and be happy until the end of days. From the biblical Eden, to the communes of the 60s, to futuristic science fiction novels we have ever sought to design or institute this haven for a variety of reasons, good and bad. At the same time we have also attempted to remake everything around us to reflect ourselves, and even to create new things in our own image. Such a concerted effort to improve one?s environment is unique to humans as a species, as is the urge to artificially replicate ourselves, and none can truly say where it comes from and where it will lead, much less if it is positive or negative. As conscientious students of human nature, we must ask a series of basic questions to better understand the issues at hand. Are these desires functions of our dissatisfaction with the world around us, or with our concepts of our own !
beginnings Is there a method to our madness, a reason to attempt total control

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