This article gives detailed information about the unusual and exotic customs and beliefs of Nacirma, sometimes going to extreme that some observers may wonder if a human body can endure such episode. Nacirema believe that the human body is ugly which brings diseases, so they do everything, including undergoing exhausting ceremonies conducted by an influential witchdoctor or medicine man, to improve their bodily appearance and health.

Nacirema’s tradition extended to the spiritual rites for bathing, excretion, sexual act and pregnancy. Clearly, the world knows so little about Nacirema and its culture. From a civilized person’s perspective, Nacirama’s practices and traditions, including their belief in magic, are deemed irrelevant and harsh. One may even wonder how they manage to survive the ordeals brought by their rituals and ceremonies. However, through this article, the author wants the world to take notice and make studies regarding the existence of Nacierema.

Furthermore, the author intends for the readers to understand that Nacirema develop such culture so that they can overcome the hardship they encounter in their daily lives. This ethnic group also used such cultural diversity to be able to survive and move to another stage of civilization.

Many people in the civilized world, especially the younger generations, will probably not understand the way Nacirama live. However, with the detailed and descriptive explication of this article, readers can have a clear grasp of the diversity and daily living of the tribe. This kind of writing prevents question like, “How do Nacirama people execute their rites?” or “Who heads the rituals?” to pop out.

We have been discussing in our course about the diversity from one culture to another culture and the effects of diversity in the society. This article reflects the topic in our course as it exposes a diversified culture of a tribe that most people have not heard of before.


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Nacirema Essay – Body Ritual among the Nacirema.