Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture

Country name: United estados mexican states
Capital: Mexico CityMexico city
Country name in Sans: estados unidos mexicanos
Country?s capital in spanish
None, thoughsufragio efectivoo efectivo ? no reeleccion (Spanish: effective suffrage – no re-election) is widely in use on government documents___
Population 104,959,594 July 2004 EST. Ethnicities: Ethnic groups Mestizo Amerindian Spanish 60% Amerindian or predominantly Amerindian 30% white 9% other 1%
Mexico is a federal republic with executive legislative and judicial branches the president of Mexico is both chief of state and head of government election results elections are held of every six years. a citizen must be18 years old to vote the current president is Vicente FOX Quesada the next election will held in July 2006
Mexican Pesos MXN are the Mexican form of currency.
28 Mexican Pesos is equal to one US dollar

Major Religions of Mexico:
Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 6%, other 5%
The Roman Catholic Church is a Christian group of believers who are in communion with the papacy.
The protestant church is the church which separated from the Roman Catholic Church during the 16 th.
Benadicto XVI buscara reunificar a todos los cristianos

3500 B.C- 900 A.d
. Olmeca CultureThe Maya Culture

900-1521 The Quetzalcoatl Trinity


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