March Of Madness

March Of Madness

Listening to the music: Social Problems in Song
Mini-Assignment 1
Cory Rossin

The song that I have selected with respect to a social problem (Global) is ?March of Death? by Zack De La Rocha lead singer of ?Rage Against Machine?. The intention of this article is to inform the reader of the expressive opinion in reference to the Iraqi war in conjunction with the sociological conflict theory imposed by Karl Marx.

?March of Death implies several messages towards the act of war; consequences and political agendas within the U.S.A. government. ?I won?t toe or defend, instead I curse at murderous men in suits or professionals who act like animals?. This bold statement refers to the new method of colonialism; multi-national corporations who exploit and conquer resources in countries that possess abundant supplies of tangible material and inexpensive labor. Who is in control Who can repress the American leader, another intriguing statement by the songwriter. Finally the most important message of all, the destructive outcomes of war; thousands of helpless, innocent civilians disfigured and executed by the hands of Goliath himself.

The Social problem is evident throughout this song, war and political propaganda a method of achieving the world?s precious

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