Gender Discrimination At The Work Place

Gender Discrimination At The Work Place


Gender discrimination prevails in society in general and at workplace in particular and the worst affected remains the women workforce to date. This research assignment presents statistics and arguments in support of its thesis statement thereby discussing the element of discrimination that exists in the corporate world on the basis of gender differences. The works cited page appends seven sources in MLA format.

I. Introduction

II. Research findings: How big is the problem

III. Cause and effect chain of workplace discrimination

IV. Conclusion

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
Discrimination in any field of life is unjust as well as highly disturbing. However, workplace discrimination is a challenge faced by various organizations world over as well as a social dilemma and a professional hurdle that uncountable employees experience in today?s highly competitive work environment. The passages below throw light upon the extent to which gender discrimination exists in the U.S. work environment and the entire research assignment supports the thesis statement which claims that women are largely affected by gender discrimination in the workplace; a fact that has led to wage and power inequalities in the workplace between men and women and has resulted in other problems including psychological hazards and unjustified

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