Gambling in Baseball

Gambling in Baseball


90 percent of all rapes are never reported; in those that are reported about 60% of the victims know their assailants.

Approximately 7,000 students on 32 campuses and found that one in eight women were the victims of rape. One in every twelve men admitted to having forced woman to have intercourse or tried to force a woman to have intercourse through physical force; that is, admitted to raping or attempting to rape a woman. Virtually none of these men, however, acknowledged to themselves that they had been raped.

How Does Date Rape Usually Occur

Typically when a woman is alone with a man.
Alcohol and drugs.
Mixed signals.
Acquaintance rape is often spontaneous, but many are planned, some days in advance.

What You Can Do to Avoid Situations That Might Lead to Date Rape

Examine your feelings about sex.
Set sexual limits.
Decide early if you would like to have sex.
Do not give mixed messages; be clear. (Say ?yes? when you mean ?yes? and ?NO? when you mean NO.
Be alert to other unconscious messages you may be giving.
Be forceful and firm.
Be independent and aware on your dates.
Do not do anything you do not want to just to avoid a scene or unpleasantness.
Be aware of specific situations

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