From Saul To Paul A Religious Conversion

From Saul To Paul: A Religious Conversion

From Saul to Paul: A Religious Conversion

This paper is my account of the three different versions of Paul?s conversion. To get my point across, I will cover the comparisons between the three stories, in relevance to the narrative setting, characters, intent/rhetoric, and plot. Then I will explain why the three are different. To understand why this paper is such an important topic, I need to briefly explain who Paul was and his ways.
Paul is often considered one of the most successful early Christian missionaries. He was also one of the twelve Apostles, as well as a big influence on the New Testament of the Bible, having written many of its sections. Paul was the founder of Gentile Christianity, which gained him much attention because he himself was of Jewish origin. He was born Jewish and strictly adhered to the ways and customs of Judaism. He was originally named Saul and was a zealous opponent of Christians and the Christian religion until a vision of Jesus converted him to Christianity. He continued to spread the word of Jesus during many of his missions.

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