Death and Dying

Death and Dying


I was told that a gentleman who is a property manager also leads a class in death and dying at his church. I was able to get his phone number and we arranged to meet. I described the course that I am taking at USF and the profession I am pursuing. I told the gentleman that I work in marketing services for Time Warner and that I also attend USF in the evenings. I told him that I am interested in working with people who have experienced losses in their lives or with people who are going through the grieving process. I told him the requirements of the course that I am taking and that this interview fulfills one of the requirements to better help me understand how professionals intervene with clients who are experiencing loss and grief. I assured him that his name would not be used in the report and that it would remain confidential with my teacher.

1. The individual that I interviewed will be called by his initials, ?R. M.? He is 57 years old.

2. R. M. is the Property manager of a 55+ community.

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