Comparion Paper Metal vs. Rap

Comparion Paper: Metal vs. Rap

There are many types of music, but what is the best I am comparing the two genres metal
and rap. Some of the topics will be: different styles of metal and rap, lyrics, and different
bands and artists.
There are many different types of metal and rap. In metal music there are such
music styles called: grindcore, death metal, heavy metal, rapcore, and hardcore. Rap has
very few different types, either slow rap, plain black rap, and then fast rap with a little
rock added. Grindcore is loud and heavy music, but the singing sounds like monsters.
Death metal is basically the same, but the music is harder and the singing is more of a
screaming monster. Heavy metal is basically regular metal and rock, with heavy guitar riffs
and lots of hard pumping drumming and the singing is screaming, but is easier to hear the
words and does not sound like monsters singing. Rapcore is heavy guitar riffs and heavy
drumming, but the singing is more of a rap sound, but still a rock sound. Hardcore is the
same as heavy metal, but the singing is normal and not a screaming. Then move onto rap.
Slow rap is very slow and boring with lots of singing, that involves rhyming. Plain black

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