Many of you out there know about the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Many of you do not know, however, about his father?s drinking problem or his hearing loss. That?s why I am here. I am here to present my information I found on Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 17th 1770 (although some sources say the 16th) in Bonn, Germany. His mother and father had five children although only three boys survived and Beethoven was the oldest of the three. His family was from Brabant, which is in Belgique. Beethoven?s father was a musician at the Court of Bonn, but he a severe alcohol problem. His mother was very kind and loving all the time.

Even at an early age, he Beethoven showed an interest in music and his father, because he was a musician, taught him all day and night. His father knew he had a gift and hoped that he would become a new Mozart. His father did not know then but his hopes and dreams would later become a reality.

At the age of eight, Beethoven gave his first known public speech. Here?s an interesting side note: His father told the crowd

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