The passage from teenager to adulthood is one of the most complicated

and confusing processes an adolescent can experience. It is especially confusing

since the teenager is not totally sure what it means to be an adult, and how

he/she is supposed to achieve this level of maturity. If one doesn?t know what it

means to be an adult, it?s much harder to attain this maturity since it is unknown

to him/her how to reach this point. However, there are many speculations and

opinions about what it means to be an adult and what one must accomplish in

order to reach this point. So how is a measly little teenager supposed to know

when adulthood is reached There are certain things a teenager must

understand before the age of adulthood is reached. This understanding is what

brings a child into adulthood, not age or size.

Many associate adulthood and maturity with the age or even the size of a

person. This however is inaccurate. Age only matters to a point. Once the child is

out of the age of innocence, and knows the difference between right and wrong,

he/she gets a chance to be responsible, and make a decision that is

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