Adult Aging Psychology

Adult / Aging Psychology

Topic A ? Remaining Healthy as an Older Adult

To remain healthy as a older adult several factors come into play. All elements of the individual?s life have to be looked at and studied. Do they eat right Do they exercise enough What is their social situation By providing for these elements correctly a well-managed health and wellness program will benefit the Senior.

Poor nutrition in older adults happens because of a variety of conditions. Many Seniors live alone and are unable to get around as easily as before. This may restrict grocery shopping and food preparation. Also, depression may affect the older adult. Depressed Seniors may suffer from a lack of desire to eat or prepare food. Declining oral health may contribute to the level of food intake. Some medications, medical processes and treatments may cause loss of desire to eat. Finally economic status plays an important role in nutrition as the lower the status the less capable the Senior is at obtaining the level of proper nutrition. Some of the health risks to poor nutrition are:
? Hypertension (high blood pressure)
? Cancer
? Heart disease
? Arteriosclerosis

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