A Social Problem Euthanasia

A Social Problem: Euthanasia

A Social Problem: Euthanasia
Although many feel euthanasia is an unethical practice, there are many (even within the medical field) who believe that euthanasia is far more ethical to those who have suffered terribly at the hands of debilitating and terminal illnesses.

I. History of euthanasia
A. Means ?good death?
B. Views of euthanasia in the past.
II. Recent or current events related to the issue
A. Euthanasia is practiced in Oregon.
B. Euthanasia is practiced in the Netherlands.
III. Against euthanasia
A. Would the terminally ill be the only ?users? of euthanasia
B. Is Amsterdam an example of bad instead of good
IV. Pro-euthanasia (the one I support) Are the laws redundant
A. Fourteenth amendment to the United States Constitution redundancy
B. Abortion comparison redundancy.

Euthanasia, meaning ?good death,? (Humphury) is one of the most acute and uncomfortable contemporary problems in our society. The idea of euthanasia has been around since the beginning of man. In 399 BC. Socrates, ancient philosopher of Greece chose to kill himself instead of being exiled. The debate concerns one question: is euthanasia ethical The case rests on one main fundamental moral principle: mercy. Terminally ill patients often request that doctors put them out of their misery. However, because of medicines

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