Baseball Americas Pastime

Baseball: Americas Pastime

Baseball: America?s Pastime

There are many people who see baseball as one of the four main sports (i.e. baseball, basketball, football and hockey) but actually it is America?s Pastime. Baseball has been played for over 100 years and has gone through many stages and changes. Baseball has been played through the roughest times of our nation?s history. Baseball has the most historical background of any sport. Baseball also has some of the most prestigious records in sports. Baseball has also been a huge influence on my life as well.

Baseball has been played for over 100 years and has seen many changes. Some of the changes were as simple as the style of gloves the players use to teams changing names, uniforms, and cities. The newest team to change city and name will be next year the Montreal Expos are moving to Washington D.C. and I do not know if they have made a decision of the name yet. Some of baseballs most historical teams have changed cities like the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angels and the New York Giants moved to San Francisco. Other changes include the way stadiums are modeled.

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