Sheryl Swoopes making Strides

Sheryl Swoopes:making Strides

Sheryl Swoopes: Making Strides
Sheryl Denise Swoopes was born on March 35, 1971 in Brownfield, Texas. She is a marvel and wonderful role model for women athletes everywhere. She has accomplished many things in sports that were once thought impossible for a woman. She was the first official WNBA player and played nine games in the first season just after giving birth to her son. Before the American pros, Swoopes paid her dues in the Italian league in 1993-94 averaging 23.0 points per game. This shows the amazing dedication and the strength of a woman to is true to her game.
The entrance into the WNBA is not all Sheryl Swoopes has accomplished. She has had a stellar basketball career, which began through pick-up games played alongside her older brothers. After high school, she took her talents to the NCAA, where during her four years there she earned an NCAA title, two Southwest Conference titles and an NCAA Most Valuable Player award playing for Texas Tech. Swoopes has played one-on-one with Michael Jordan and like him, is the first woman to have a Nike Basketball shoe named after her, the Air Swoopes.

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