The Proper Way to Clean a Fish

Fisherman go fishing in an attempt to catch fish. Some fisherman go fishing just

for the game, and others go fishing to catch fish for a meal. For the fisherman that do

catch the fish for a meal, they have to know how to prepare the fish in order to cook it.

There are two proper ways to clean a fish for preparation to eat it and they are filleting

the fish, and gutting the fish.

The first way that you can prepare a fish to cook is to fillet it. Filleting to rookies

is actually a difficult process. Different types of fish are filleted differently in order to

get the best out of the fish. Usually small fish such as panfish are the fish that aren?t

usually filleted unless they are over 10 inches long. The bigger fish such as Bass,

Walleye, Musky, Catfish, and the other types of game fish are the fish that usually have

to be filleted in order to eat. The process of filleting includes some basic materials that

are a sharp fillet knife, a board with a clip to hold the

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